Clog-free drains help you avoid major problems. If you notice the water drains slower then it’s a sign to clean your toilet, plunge into the toilet more and more. If these small issues are left untreated, it can result in major problems. To keep your drain system in a good working condition, here are some of the tips you can do to ensure your drains are clog-free and open to drainage.

Have Your Drains Cleaned Regularly

Regularly cleaning your drains will help to avoid clogs and also prevents costly repairs. It is better for your health than having sewage backup. A clog in the sink is not an easy task to deal with, without proper drainage the water can overflow. If this continues the sink can overflow and the entire house will be flooded. To overcome this, you must know how to fix a clogged drain.

Use a DIY drain cleaner made up of chemicals to clear the clogs. 

Your Pipes Are Healthier When You Keep Them Clean

If the pipes are not maintained properly, you need to replace them within a few years. Frequent repairs is a big loss for you, the cost of replacing pipes is not cheap these days. To clean your drains, remove the buildup of grease, oil, and other debris. Hire a professional plumber and complete the job perfectly. Corrosion is another major cause for replacing the pipes. If you find any leaks in the pipe, replace it as much faster as possible, otherwise it can lead to serious problems.

Stay away from Nasty Odors with Clog-Free Drains

Drains are the major place in your house where dirt and debris gather together. So it is very important to clean them out. Hair, soap sum, and other things may cause a clog and doesn’t allow the water to move smoothly down the drain. Remove such items faster for clog-free drains. 

A clog buildup is due to the hard to flush items such as hair or food waste like potato peels, pasta, and other organic matter. This will cause the drain to clog up and create a foul smell. Keep the drains free from food and hair.  Drain cleaning and clog-free drains will get rid of the smell, which is a good thing.

Use the Plunger

Another cause of clogged toilets and the damage that results is not treating the signs of the toilet is malfunctioning. Though the toilet does empty by flushing it multiple times, flushing for a long time is not healthy for the plumbing system.

If plunging does not give results, call for professional plumber service.

Reduce toilet paper usage

Another major problem that plumbers notice when dealing with toilet clogging is that too much tissue paper is stuck in the toilet bowl. Reducing toilet paper usage is the only way to overcome this issue.  Always keep in mind that toilet paper is still one of the biggest contributors to all kinds of clogging.

Plumbing inspection is a must

Make sure that your home is inspected by a plumber at least once a year. Don’t wait until the problem gets too serious. Call a professional plumber to help with toilet bowl clogging. Call them for a regular inspection even before you encounter an issue. 

Plumbers will not only inspect the spot where the clog is formed. They will also examine the more technical parts like the pipes and the sewer line, which cannot be done by yourself.