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Though these pipes are definitely strong, they are rarely used nowadays. Even today, galvanized pipes are sometimes used to transport non-potable water, but they are too susceptible to problems to safely transport safe and clean water. It is very rare nowadays for houses to have galvanized steel pipelines, but some houses that were installed in the 1980s or before may still have them.

Despite the fact galvanized steel pipes are more affordable, durable and tend to resist rust, the cons outweigh these advantages, typically lasting for 20 to 50 years before breaking down. There may be no apparent problem with this lifespan, but in comparison to numerous other piping materials, it is relatively short.

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The majority of PVC pipes are white, cream, or gray in color. Pipelines made from PVC are used for carrying safe and clean water and draining pipes, among other things.

Chlorinated CPVC is different from CPVC, though the two materials have the same basic components. Due to this chemical difference, CPVC can withstand temperature differences more so than PVC. In order to address this factor, some construction codes require CPVC in place of PVC for warm water transportation.

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Exactly like copper pipe, this system replicates the same size graduations as its name suggests. There are many advantages to using CPVC pipes, plus another:: Like PVC, because CPVC is a plastic material, no corrosive compounds react with it, guarantees an indefinite lifespan. CPVC pipes are capable of handling high water pressure, even at high pressures, so it is a great material for primary water lines.: It is also extremely lightweight, making it quite easy to handle.

PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, is another plastic material commonly used for piping. Among new homes, plastic pipes have become popular. There is a new plastic product on the pipes scene that can be used for a variety of pipes functions. The main difference between PEX and PVC pipelines is flexibility.

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This product should include some significant advantages to become the preferred piping option amongst many plumbers and property owners. In contrast to PVC and CPVC pipe, PEX pipelines are corrosion-resistant. In other words, unless they are damaged in some way, they can last endlessly without needing to be replaced.

With just one long piece, it can be snaked into walls and extended throughout a house. It is an excellent retrofitting product. As a result of PEX’s flexibility, it is incredibly easy to install. No soldering or even gluing is needed for joints.

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It is capable of transferring both hot and cold water. Although PEX pipes have some disadvantages, one of them has been mostly disproved.

It does not matter if the piping is only PEX if you intend to use it internally. PEX piping has actually raised some concern and debate over whether it can cause contamination of drinking water.

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In the U.S., even the strictest environmental policies now approve PEX piping, and research reveals drinking water from PEX pipes is not hazardous to health. Now that we’ve seen some of the most common types of plumbing pipes, let’s look at some others that are not quite as common.

Another type of pipeline is black iron, which is not intended for plumbing purposes. Copper piping is actually more expensive than stainless steel piping. In spite of this, a high rate indicates a high level of quality. It has a high corrosion resistance and is strong. It is best to use stainless steel pipelines in areas susceptible to deterioration, such as coastal communities, since they are more resistant.

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Thousand Oaks Plumbers Couplings join pipes together. Most houses still use cast iron piping to connect drain systems, especially in the first half of the twentieth century.

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PVC piping can be used in homes with cast iron piping if a pipeline rusts throughout. The smallest cast iron pipe is typically four inches in diameter. PB pipelines and polybutylene pipes were both popular plumbing materials from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s.


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It was believed that polybutylene would replace copper in the future. Grey, plastic pipelines were, and still are, economically and easily manageable. Since PB pipes were found to leak at their joints, they fell out of favor.

There are few joints needed with HDPE pipes since they are versatile. As a result, these pipes are mostly leak-proof, even when they do require joints.


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