The Re-Generation Festival will offer a wide range of exciting workshops and performances, created in the spirit of celebration and regeneration.

During the mornings of the festival we will all help to restore the area and to leave the place more beautiful than before. The friday morning is reserved for planting a forest on the beat in the wetlands of La Junquera, the saturday we will implement the restoration plan of one of AlVelAl's students who has been working on this for his thesis, and on sunday the Ecosystem Restoration Camps will take us on a restoration journey.

The programme on Friday


Restore the mountain

Have you ever helped to restore a mountain? On Friday morning we will all go to one of the La Junquera hills and regenerate a mountain based on the restoration plan of one of the AlVelAl students; Thor Kuchler. Planting to the beat with Javier Olaizola.


AlVelAl projects

This afternoon at the Barmendrehesa AlVelAl presents its different projects together with TUI Care Foundation, Ecosia, Almendrehesa, AlVelAl8000, and more.. After that there will be time for networking, connecting and tasting the local products.

land art.jpg

Art for nature

In the afternoon Astrid Vargas takes us on a journey to restore nature and people with art! @ Alquimia


Raw foods and nutrition

Diego and Oriana, two chefs from South America give us insights in food and how it affects our bodies

Life in syntropy

A beautiful regeneration project in Brazil is coming to La Junquera! Learn more about syntropic farming on friday afternoon.

The programme on Saturday

Restoration with ERC and Sound Matters

Start your Saturday morning active with the Ecosystem Restoration Camps. They will guide you on a regeneration adventure. Planting to the beat with Soundscape Restoration.

Visit ERC Website


Working with Esparto

Dietmar Roth will introduce us to the old esparto culture in the South of Spain, after that we will get practise ourselves!

Los Fermentistas

Artisanal food and drinks with a fermented twist! Come to the Botica and learn everyting about it on Saturday afternoon.

John Liu presents:

The ecosystem Restoration Camp movement


Creating with nature

“Creating with nature” is an art workshop given by Filothei Croonen. This workshop is embracing the inner child and artist we all keep hidden, explaining how everything that nature has to offer can be a means of creating unique pieces of art. Your fruit and vegetable leftovers, a flower or just a cup of coffee can create magic!!

The Embers Collective

The Embers Collective is a London based storytelling and live music group. Formed by three friends; a writer, an actor and a musician in 2016. Driven by a passion for the art of sharing stories we wanted to put on events with a focus on community and connection. (Sometime in the evening around the campfire)


Campfire sessions

What better than to sit around a campfire and enjoy life. Bring your own instruments and marshmellows!

The programme on Sunday

Association La Bolina

a collective of migrates, refugees and locals working together to regenerate the land, local economy and repopulate a small village close to Granada. In this talk and Q&A they willl share their experiences. The La Bolina theatre company invites you to an outdoor performance devised from the group stories on migration, belonging and integration. With a discussion afterwards!

Wetland restoration

On Sunday morning we will reforest the wetlands in front of the farm with Alfonso Chico de Guzman, the farmer of La Junquera. Music for planting to the beat by Carlo Maver.


The AlVelAl Agrocafé is coming to La Junquera. Learn about regenerative agriculture from the farmers and experts of AlVelAl.


Artsy Sunday

Enjoy your creative side at the Alquimia space and connect with your surroundings with the local artists of Grupo Gabar

Sustainable business and food networks


Natural cosmetics

Our experts will show you how to make your own shampoo, sunscreen and other cosmetics. In the afternoon at the Botica

Every day



Enough of the heat? Or just feeling like relaxing for a bit? Join us for a cinema in the big barn.

The Programme for the CinREma is as follows:

Program for CineREma

Friday, September 28th                        Time   1.30 – 4.00  pm


(Director Bernward Geier)

The film tells the impressive success story of the ancient Khorassan wheat variety grown as KAMUT exclusively organic and non GMO on farms in Montana and Saskatchewan. The story starts with 36 wheat kernels from Egypt in 49 and developed to 220 organic farmers growing it today. The film is about pioneers on new frontiers, sustainable farming on the prairie , sound science and good and healthy food.


(Director Thomas Riedelsheimer)

16 years after the worldwide successful film “Rivers And Tides” does this film portray again the fantastic artist Andy Goldsworthy. The film follows over years the work of the artist and captures with beautiful scenes and soul moving moments the most impressive artwork in and with nature & landscape. A “land art” film at its best.

CineREma midnight special  at 0.30 am    LEANING INTO THE WIND

Saturday, September 29th                    Time  1.30 – 4.00 pm

CAPTAIN'S DREAM   (49 min)

(Director Denis Delestrac)

The Russian artist and captain Alexander Ponomarev follows his dream to create the first Biennale in Antarctica: An expedition of international artists and visionaries in paramount icing backdrop, which catalyses creation and offers a unique space for debate about the future of humanity and responsibility towards the planet. 100 celebrated artists and scientists carry out ephemeral installations on shore, giving Antarctica a cultural voice.


(Director Bertram Verhaag)

The film portraits the Duchy Home Farm of the Prince of Wales, which surrounds Highgrove. The protagonists in the film are the farm manager David Wilson and HRH Prince Charles. The farm has been converted already 30 years ago to organic. In poetically impressive pictures highlights the film the unique cooperation and connection of farmer David and Prince Charles. The film is a vivid proof that organic farming works very well and it shows which healing power can be generated through organic farming methods.

CineREma midnight special   at 0.30 am    THE FARMER AND HIS PRINCE

Sunday, September 30th                        Time  1.30 – 4.00  pm

BLUE HEART    (43 min) *

(Director Britton Cuilluette)

The film portrays the deep connection of communities with rivers focusing on the Balkan region. It shows the frightening threat to Europe's last region with wild rivers because more than 3.000 (!) major hydro and power plant projects are planned or even under construction in that region.

* A production of our festival sponsor Patagonia


(Director Louie Psihoyos)

Together with a team of artists and activists is the Oscar winning director with his crew on a secret and dangerous mission to the hidden world of black markets for endangered species. The film shows in a fantastic and breath taking way the race against the extinction of species. Filming was in the  hottest spots of the world of illegal traffic and uses most modern technology to show the connection from CO2 emission and the killing of species and the ultimate threat of biodiversity.

CineREma midnight special at  0.30   pm       RACING EXTINCTION

All films will be in English. “Racing Extinction”  has Spanish subtitles.

The director respectively co-producer of “Ancient Grain for Future Farming” and  “The Farmer And His Prince” Bernward Geier will be available for discussion after the film.