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The Re-Generation Festival offers location, food and drinks that are provided by friends, local people and businesses who are passionate and dedicated to regeneration. We also offer four areas to explore and create in during the weekend.



Foodtopia is the main food provider at the festival.
An amazing company that makes cheap and delicious meals out of organic food that was destined to be wasted. You will receive a free lunch in return for your work on the land. These tokens will be attached to your wristband.



Encarna is a local five star chef who has worked together over the years to prepare delicious gourmet food using local ingredients. Expect true treats that tastes like Spain and embody the slow food movement.

La Botica

A garden of herbs and plants that nourishes your body and soul.

Here you can learn about how to make delicious food, medicine, cosmetics and more that are beneficial for the health of the body, the soil and the economy.




A gathering place to explore the regenerative work of the region and beyond.

Experience almond shelling, lessons about the restoration economy, as well as the many stories, histories and traditions of the land. 

Barmendreshesa is also the main bar, selling local, organic beer, wine and spirits.

The Alquimia 

A place where all can be transformed.

From waste to valuable resources, here you can create something from nothing and anything. Workshops on how to create hats out of plastic bags, soil out of food waste and so much more.



The Forest

A hive of biological life, ideas and opportunities.

Learn how to identify, collect and save seeds, how to transform a desert into an edible forest, listen to the stories and experiences of restoration projects around the world, and so much more.