Getting here


Train: a beautiful, low carbon adventure

The closest train stations to the festival are Alicante (trains from Barcelona) and Calasparra (trains from Madrid). We will be operating mini-buses from these locations to the festival site. We recommend you use this website to plan your train journey. 



Car: Pool or rent your own

Car Pooling

Car-pooling in Spain is very popular and is organised through the app ‘BlaBlaCar’. You can use this app to arrange to share lifts with other festival goers. 

Rent a Car

You can rent a car from any of the main airports. Make sure you search for La Junquera, Murcia, when navigating your way to the festival by car.

To offset your emissions from your international driving journey, you can contribute 20 euros, and 5 euros for a national drive, towards the regeneration of the natural areas around the festival when you buy your ticket. 


Bus: Alicante airport to La Junquera

You can also travel to the festival by bus. We offer a minibus option from Alicante airport on thursday 18:00 to La Junquera and on monday 08:30 from La Junquera to Alicante airport. Costs for a return trip are 20,-. You can reserve a spot by sending an email to us:



Flying: To Alicante, Murcia, or Malaga 

The nearest airports are Murcia (1.5 hours from the site) and Alicante (1.5 hours from the site) You can also fly to Granada and Malaga airports. 

To offset your emissions from your journey, you can contribute 30,- Euro towards the regeneration of the natural areas around the festival when you buy your ticket.